Its task is to destroy the enemy's important pinpoint targets, armoured rifle troops, light shelters and buildings, radio-electronic
constructions, missile launchers and hovering helicopters within a 600-800m shooting range.
In case of urban warfare/conflicts, it can be used for demolishing the enemy's firing positions in buildings, weapons under cover and
armoured rifle troops which are manoeuvring on the streets. It is suitable both for squads and independent units. Due to its small
arm categorisation and  its weight  which allows better portability, it is an ideal heavy fire power weapon for the parachuter, airmobile
and territorial troops. It is also a highly effective small arm in repelling terrorist actions. As this type of action is common in the field
today, we believe it would play a key role for armed forces, considering its significant destructive force, combined with formidable
Important hostile targets can be neutralised safely within a 1600m range. It is also a highly efficient bodyguard-weapon suitable for
protecting important personnel, which can extend significantly the safe-zone around the protected person. An attack by a light
armoured combat vehicle can be repulsed  by quick fire. It is also suitable to repulse the so-called "self-propelled (suicide) bombs"
which are installed in vehicles, with as few as one shot aimed at the power of the vehicle from outside the effective zone of the