Empty weight (10,5Kg) Light Combat Weight (13Kg) Ultra Portable (914mm) Ultra light recoil o  Comparing to other .50 cal weapons the GM6 Lynx allows the shooter to fire hundreds of rounds per day with no pain on the shoulder Multi Caliber .50 NATO (12,7X99) and/or Russian (12,7X108) o  Only the Barrel and Magazine requires changing, it can be done even on the field -no tools are required. (2-3min) Shooters can use it from vehicles (cars, helicopters, motorboats and APC's) High Accuracy (under 1 MOA) Easy to carry and hide o For the enemy, the sniper is always a primary target; i.e. "the one with the long barrel gun" o The GM6 Lynx is 914mm in portable state and only 1114mm in combat lenght. (M16 is 1000mm, ak47 is 870mm). Transport to combat o The shooter can set the rifle from transport position to loaded combat position by perssing one button, within less, than a second.